Name: rockman    Email:
this band fucking kicks ass


Name: Shaun/Bloodaxe    Email:
Bad ass Site first time peeping your site out hurry up and get back to the Central and make some noise Peace Bloodaxe


Name: MegaHertz    Email:
I should be dead but alas I am not! How the fuck are you bro?? I miss you and your family. Glad to see you are still kickin. I can say one thing, well I can say lots but... I miss the old days specially my bro Christopher (sorry if i spelled wrong). oh I have experienced livin on the streets bro, almost died was in ccu for 3 days this last christmas. but I digress I have no wheels either. tell the family and band Mega says hi. AkA Matthew


Name: MuC    Email:
just stoppin by to say...keep it gory...m/


Name: Kate    Email:
heyhey.. errr :)

yeah :) Hope alls well. Kate xxxxx


Name: James Hilkey    Email:
Whats up to the TASTY GORE family. This is James from HATEFIST The web site looks killer I like the gore its really tasty. Well..........Lets play a show some time soon.


Name: darkpixie    Email:
well hello....big wet kisses for christopher and his gore me


Name: darkpixie    Email:


Name: Crayn    Email:
yeah, hell fucking yeah
so..i checked out ur music, and please check out
our music, ( ) write your opinion in the guestbook.



Name: Craig    Email:
Mmmmmmm... Tasty yet gory.


Name: -deathboy-    Email:
ed, register on the forums and post your phone #


Name:     Email:


Name: Enkle Ud    Email:
Chris. Email me.


Name: corpse molester    Email:
cool site

check out the new sfu fan site as well and join the forum dont be all lame and shit


Name: Julie Gilbert    Email:
It`s great to see you guys are rocking the house after all these years! Best of luck to you all.
Special hello to Kelly ;)


Name: sterthanas    Email:
Check out
Blackened Death metal from Va!!


Name: Kyle McCurdy    Email:
Great stuff you guys have. Keep it up. Play a show in Port Angeles sometime. I know i few local metal bands that would be happy to play with you.


Name: Ghast    Email:
hail tasty


Name: Uguysstillsuk    Email: cumbubble@kellysmouth.cum
Kelly Vagina is still totally weak. Maybe you guys should consider bass lessons for her.


Name: Dissosnatchjeff    Email:
TG rocks my fuckin ass.....


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