Name: Uguyssuk    Email: upyerass@fuckoff.cum
Kelly Waite has the biggest vagina in the whole world.

thank you and goodbye


Name: Chicknatas    Email:


Name: Ian    Email:


Name: ANAL of BLAST    Email:
cool site, i look forward to playing seattle on june 18th, i think all the bands have cancelled, and every one there thinks i ripped them off on e bay, but ill get drunk any how


Name: el muerte    Email:
hey ya`ll WHERE IS THE NEW FUCKING RECORD!!!! record,record,record!!!!! that is all....


Name: Dormarth    Email:
Hey amy this is Dormarth from The Wizards of Gore. It was great to play Seattle. Our bands should Play together sometime in olympia and seattle. Keep the Hails Heathen Dormarth


Name: Machinehead    Email:
Gorified, remember the good ol` days when "She tastes like chicken"!! :) Email, or call. Cell 253.376.7824. Keep on rockin in the free world!


Name: Kali    Email:
It was awesome seeing you guys play in the studio!


Name: dormarth    Email:
hey I heard about you sicko-s from a band mate. Im in The Wizards of Gore in olympia. thanx for the link up on your page you guys kick ass. check out my free zine dedicated to horror reviews. The terror of dormarths horror review. it can be found at scarecrow video if they still have them. keep the music decayed and the crosses inverted and the horns up. Dormarth


Name: EL MUERTE    Email:


Name: the one and only    Email:


Name: Anal Cunt    Email:
LOL u guys didnt play with air supply!lookin forward to metalfest 04. Yer new demo song "the painter" is pretty freakin bad ass. if ya guys wanna copy of it lemme know. im a mad pirater. ooo wait i bet u dont even know who this is......GOOD! mouwahahahaha


Name: ann    Email:
kelly - let`s see a pix of your tat of your last name on your back side. Stand up, and be proud!


Name: ann crowley    Email:
nice haircut jon :}
we are cumming to seattle soon, I will want to definitely cum to a show and see you dudes. Sorry I missed the last show when we were in town. Too many brownies....


Name: Matt    Email:
You guys are good. Keep it up =)


Name: Chaos    Email:
Ollie makes my penis ache!!!!!!!!! :)


Name: jay    Email: its on my web page
yo, its jay from 50 ways to kill me just letting you know not only did i scope out your website, but i think it rocks. i give u an A plus for content. also the page has a real nice color scheme and feel to it. and by the way, feel free to check out mine, heres a banner link:


Name: GoreFan    Email:
You guys need more photos in your photo album!


Name: jeff...    Email:
hey guys and gal, where is the merch link? got merch? what the fuck! oh yeah and i love you guys...


Name: Chicknatas    Email:
I just want to thank everyone who has come out to our shows to support us. We enjoy entertaining you! We`ve got some great stuff coming for you all this year so stay tuned! To the guy who signed the book saying he wants to make babies with me....A BIG HELL NO! It`ll ruin my tattoo...


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