Oliver Meek

Vocal Noise:

Chris Hart

Amy Taggart

Kelly de la Barreda

Dismembers of the past:

Drums: Tim Kleiman
Guitar: Jay Butler
Bass: Dean McIntosh
Drums: Nelson Kerr


Jon Wardwell

Email: tastygore @ yahoo.com

Spawned deep in the bowels of the northwest, graveyards apart from the so-called seattle scene, comes four twisted atrocities spewing forth the erotic noise of death. Miscarried in '89, in a time when hair was big and metal was "pretty", Tasty Gore set out to uphold the days when bands such as the Accused, Forced Entry and Whermacht were bludgeoning the mindless masses. Now fourteen years later, a few lineup changes and time spent dead and rotting, they have clawed their way from out of the grave to find that the local scene has taken a turn for the brutal, and they looked around and saw that it was good...

Past Releases:

Album: A poke in the eye....
Year:  1992
Songs: The Mansion
           In My World
           Tree of Woe
           Beyond Insanity
           Form Unblessed

Album: From a corpses point of view
Year:  1995
Songs: Schizoid
           Bathing in Bloody Entrails
           Gang Raped by Corpses
           Child and Gun

Album: Tasty Gore Live
Year:  1999
Songs: Chelsea Rose
           She Tasted Like Chicken
           Wet Dreams
           American Psycho
           Cannabis Corpus
           Slug Guts