11-14-06 - Flesh and Blood!


11-07-06 - They`re coming for you Barbara
That`s right! There is no more room in hell so, prepare to be terrorized and brutalized on Nov 20th when Tasty Gore and Effluvia team up at The Central to rip some flesh for a feast of the dead!

Check out the shows page for details!


10-16-06 - More stuff added
You can now access 2 videos from the NW Deathfest `04 in our files section. Just enter the Crypt and click on Music Files. Enjoy!


10-15-06 - DeathFest `04 video
Just posted a video of our song The Painter. It was filmed at the 1st annual deathfest in 2004.

You can download it here until I get it posted in the Files section! Enjoy!


09-12-06 - Memories from the grave!
We finally got our hands on some footage of us from the 1st Annual DeathFest! Within the next week I will posting the footage for download.

Just goes to show that, in one way or another, TG will never die....as long as we live in hearts of the dead.


07-09-05 - Come celebrate!!


05-20-05 - Pain and suffering!


03-10-05 - A Sad day....
Good bye Kurt, you will be missed!

We hate you too!



02-04-05 - Upcoming Massacre!
Come join us for the Valentine`s Day Massacre at The Central on Feb. 14th! We are playing with Evil Smith which includes the original bass player for Tasty Gore! A third band will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


01-03-05 - Another year decayed!
Happy belated new year from the bloody tomb of uranus!

We`ve been in winter slumber as of late but, keep an eye out for updates to our hibernation....so far it`s just been a little wet.


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