11-21-04 - Minor correction
Ok, the show on 11/22 (tomorrow) Tasty Gore is playing FIRST, not third as previously stated.

Come on out and party with the infamously infamaous Chicknatas!!


11-13-04 - Upcoming events...
We will be playing at the Central Saloon on Monday, November 22nd to celebrate AMZ`s b-day! We will be playing with Sporicyde, and Immoral Intent. Im not sure about the order of bands yet but, Tasty Gore will be playing 3rd.


10-24-04 - New photo section
I finally revamped the whole photo section of the site. Now all of the pics are organized by venue and date. Go to the Crypt to access the new photo album!


10-10-04 - It`s alive!!
Thanks to all that came out to the Lakepoint friday! What a night! Undone opened the show and Effluvia kicked ass finishing off the night as usual! Thanks for playing with us. Now, another day or two and I might be fully recovered!


10-02-04 - Once again.....
Thanks to all that came out to Fenders last night! That was a great time. Enkrya, DBS and Conerstone were all entertaining and it turned out to be quite a wide mix of music for the night.

We are also playing at The Lakepoint next Friday, Oct 8th! Come celebrate my birthday and listen to some damn fine music! Check out the shows page for more details!


09-26-04 - Upcoming events
Come celebrate Theresa`s B-day and see a good show! We are playing Friday, Oct 1st at Fenders. Check out the shows page for more info!


09-12-04 - Upcoming stuff
We have a show at the Lakepoint on Oct. 8th, which also happens to be my birthday! Also playing will be Undone, Aggression Core and Effluvia. Undone will be sharing a one hour set with Aggression Core. We go on second.

Come celebrate and listen to some good metal! Go to the "Shows" page for more details.


08-23-04 - New stuff added
A new section has been added to the Crypt! We are building an archive list of classic and not so classic horror movies. Be sure to check it out. You wouldn`t want to miss a great horror flick, would you?


08-15-04 - New look!
Since it has been so long since we`ve tidied up around here, we figured now would be the perfect time. Now the gore is packed with 100% more cleavers for your masochistic related pleasures!


07-21-04 - What a night!!
What a night Monday! Kick ass turnout! Thanks to everyone that made it out. Evangelist ripped it up! VS The world was as bad ass as expected! We`re looking forward to playing with you guys again. The only downside of the night was when someone stole my new guitar....good times.


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